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The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, or the UNESCO, designates certain places or locations across the world as World Heritage sites. These include sites which have played an important role in the progress of humanity over the years and hold immense value for the future generations. The designation occurs after UNESCO evaluates the nomination presented by the host country. If the site meets at least one of the ten selection criteria, the committee may designate the site as a World Heritage Site. While the host country still owns the place, there is more awareness about the location. This may help it raise funds for the maintenance and preservation of the site. Currently, there are 911 sites across 151 countries of the world. About 25 to 30 new sites are added to the list each year. Adventure tour travels of the world heritage sites may be a great way to explore these spectacular locations.

Each year at, we analyze the complete list of World Heritage Sites to identify locations that offer great adventures to create our adventure tour travels packages of World Heritage sites. We look for places that are exotic, exciting and safe. We partner with local hotels and tour guides after evaluating their quality and credentials to create the best package for you. We do all the homework for you. You just choose a tour based on your interests and preferences. We will then make all the arrangements for you, and even guide you about travel advisories, required vaccinations, and essentials you need to pack in a foreign land.


Codrington Coledge

Codrington College Barbados Heritage

You can explore the exquisite British architecture of Bridgetown, Barbados by renting your own car for our new U-Drive Adventures exploring this  beautiful island nation.

Other fun activities include surfing, off road safaris, submarine excursions, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and party sailing.

You can also visit a Caribbean Carnival. This special taste adventure is great for people who love to try different cuisines. You can try everything from Cou-Cou, salt fish, pig tails, BBQ, Jamaica patties, pasties, peas and rice and plantain and coconuts at one place along with some local music, dance and costumes.

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Nova Scotia the great unspoled outdoors

Nova Scotia the great unspoiled outdoors

Nova Scotia

If you love outdoors, you should not miss our Nova Scotia Outdoor adventures. Enjoy some of the biggest tides worldwide and try tidal bore rafting, sailing, whale watching, canoeing and camping on your own island in Kejimkujik National Park.

You can sleep on the edge of the forest with wild animals and attend some great music festivals at Halifax throughout the summer. Explore local cuisine and wine in exotic locales of Nova Scotia.



St. Lucia

St. Lucia Marigot Bay Family Holidays

St. Lucia Marigot Bay Family Holidays

The St. Lucia family adventures are our latest addition to the adventure travel tours of World Heritage Sites. Club rooms at the Marigot Beach Club of the St. Lucia Island are great for families and couples who wish to explore the exotic yet romantic white sands of the region. The secluded hotel is surrounded by tropical forests and leads to historical bay port frequented by pirates. You can visit local zoos to learn about the exotic animals along with tree top adventures and hiking in the tropical forests. The island is also known for boating and sailing, and is home to some of the most exotic and expensive yachts of the world. Our travel journalist will accompany you throughout the travel to help you explore the place like never before.

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Dominica Nature Island

Dominica Nature - Flowers, Plants , Widerness and wildlife


For Heritage of Nature, wilderness, forest and rivers, Dominica is the perfect adventure. discover its magnificent scenery and friendly people with your own Dominica  Nature Island Adventure Tours. > see the video >>> | View options/Book >>