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Stay in heritage homes in the land of the Maharajas, in oriental hotels, rural palaces and experience the regal lifestyle, the historic forts, palaces and intriguing markets, while you interact with the old cultures of rural Indian

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Travel to Colonial Phnom Penh and Battambang, bustling Bangkok, Irrawady dolphins.

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Sail along the beautiful beaches, relax in islands and calm waters and feast on delicious food while on this sailing adventure.

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Nepal Adventure
Nepal Adventure

From the colours and magic of Kathmandu’s markets to the serenity of Himalayan trails, this ten-day adventure offers an intriguing blend of well-paced excursions. The rugged foothills of the Annapurna Range will reward those willing to break a sweat with stunning views of mountain vistas. And experience Nepal from a different perspective as you explore Chit wan National Park from the back of an elephant. With many included activities and options for more, like a soak in the restorative waters of a natural hot spring, you’ll come away with a full and real appreciation of this fascinating land.
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Archeological Wonders of Egypt & Jordan Archeological Wonders of Egypt & Jordan

It took archaeologist Howard Carter eight years of sweat and frustration to find the tomb of Tutankhamun. We doubt youll have nearly as much trouble. On this unforgettable voyage through the archaeological and natural marvels of the Ancient World, youll visit Egyptian temples and pyramids, walk the valleys of Petra, explore the magnificent Wadi Rum via 4×4 while travelling and sleeping in pure comfort. You dont have to be of royal descent to appreciate the Valley of the Kings, but after 16 days with us, youll feel like one.