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Arctic Exploration – Capital of Polar Bears in Canada

mother bear and two cubs on snowy coast

mother bear and two cubs on snowy coastline

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The video and blog covers a couple of the top tours that we have personally selected, including Canada Churchill tour below. Visit the blog for more details on Polar Bears, the photogallery and a short video of the regions covered in our Polar Adventures and Arctic Cruises.






Churchill Polar Bears
Canada’s Churchill Polar Bears

There is nothing like an Arctic Cruise to experience something completely different. And Now is the time with this great new trip from GAdventures.Travel to the land of whales, polar bears and incredible scenery> Encounter birdlife and glaciers.

The polar bear capital of the world is Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Take out 2-day adventure travel tour to the polar Bears, its star citizens in Comfort. The polar bear is not an animal you can pat on the back, so we’ll keep you safe and sound in our Tundra Buggy while still getting amazingly close. This tour is a photographer’s dream.

Arctic Polar Bear Tours

Arctic Polar Bear Tours

Arctic Adventure Travel Tours: Polar Bears
Polar Bears have always fascinated people of all ages Experts believe that they evolved more than five million years ago from brown bears and learned to live in the sea ice. Today, they are found along the arctic region spreading across five nations: United States, Canada, Russia, Greenland and ...