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The World’s Best Party Destinations

This video can be seen along with other similar party destination videos and blogs on the party-destinations website, the one place to find the hottest party holiday locations around the globe.

Visit the site to find the right ambiance, culture, excitement and adventure for your next fun filled adventure vacation. Where life is a celebration,by day and by night.

Explore dance and music of many genres, from calypso to Salas, African and soul, jump to a beat that is easy to move to and impossible to resist. covers an eclectic assortment of exotic luxury and rustic places. From beach huts to the avant guard: Night clubs, restaurants and hotels to suit all styles and budgets.

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More Party Adventure Holidays

Bar Hopping in Barbados

Bar Hopping in Barbados

The Caribbean island of Barbados is known as the ‘birthplace of rum’ so little surprise that its 166 sq. miles is dotted with lots of local bars (known as rum shops). These local drinking spots are complemented by elegant bars, many with seaside views that are the perfect settings for sunset cocktails.

Music Safari Adventure Vacations Come of Age

Music Safari Adventure Vacations Come of Age

Music is always an adventure. Mostly it’s an adventure in your mind as you weave in and out of lyrics and music stanzas, with gentle staccato and mellow moments offset by passionate crescendos and a multitude of experiences.
Music – A Journey to Adventure
The musician, artist, composer, band, orchestra or DJ takes you on a journey ...

Barbados Party Adventure Holidays

Barbados Party Adventure Holidays
For a Real Party Holiday Adventure, Barbados is now considered tops for its night life and live bands with exceptional local musicians of the calibar of Rihanna, with local names like x-Rox, Krosfyah, Alison Hinds, Arturo Tappin, and many more who have become international names.
And if you stay at the Yellow Bird Hotel on the ...

Caribbean Carnival - A Barbados Adventure

Caribbean Carnival – A Barbados Adventure

Caribbean Carnival is always an adventure. The Food is an adventure of taste and cuisine with Cou-Cou, salt fish, pig tails, BBQ, Jamaica paties, pasties, peas and rice and plantain and coconuts. Then there are the bands in wild costumes and features. They parade down the mains streets with disco pumping their team songs as ...