An Island Escape

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For something Completely different: Escape to a tiny Island where you can simply unwind. There are hills to climb and lots of great walks and fun hideaways to discover. Bequia is like no other place we know. Unspoilt and natural, where the pace of life seems perfectly natural. My Day days in Bequia, unwinding at the Speed of Light.

If you enjoy sailing on an old wodden schooner, the sort that pirates used – check out Friendship Rose, Grenadines Day Trip

Friendship Rose, the old wooden schooner from a long past age, remains, saved from being sold as a tourist make believe pirate ship, by Alan and Meg Whitaker, ow lets us relive the days of old, skipping on the water in harmony with nature. The new age of sail is all about power boating, the old age of wood and sail lingers as a memory of romance and adventure in a bygone age.

Sailing the Grenadines,you still see the old wooden boats and some brand new, amongst the smart and modern plastic catamarans. They stand out, majestic and proud and still appreciate by the connoisseurs of sail. But the days of the 100 foot trading schooner have sadly passed.