The Adventure Travel Market

the adventure travel market

The Adventure Travel Market

This is one of the best research documents on adventure travel.
Is was conducted by Vital Wave Consulting for  Brazil Tourism.

Description of Adventure Travel

The traditional description of the adventure travel market includes 2 of these three elements:  Nature, Activity and Culture. Wave has defined it somewhat more specifically as Physical Activity, Cultural Exchange and Interaction with the Environment. It’s close enough not to go back to the drawing board.

The slideshow provides statistics and a break down of the market by sector and sub-sector. It’s a sizable market at $89 billion US in global market spending. 16% of all travelers departing from North America, Latin America and Europe are classified as adventure travelers.

Motivation of the Adventurer

The motivation or emotional drivers are those that seek authentic connection with people and nature (Eco-Traveler), those seeking connection with nature via thrilling activities (Adventure Traveler) and lastly those who seek authentic thrilling and awakening experiences (Eco-Adventurer 15%).

Each group has a different profile and motivation for travel. The Eco-Adventurer, the largest of the groups, is characterized as looking for a comfortable, exciting life with wisdom low on the list. The majority of these travelers are Bohemian Bourgeois 39%. Family Adventurers are approx 13%.

Who Should Use The Report

If you are a tourism marketer, a hotel owner or in any way marketing travel, this report will be useful to you. It will also interest anyone who is interested in markets, philosophy and human nature. There are excellent insights and research findings in the reports.


Adventure Traveler Statistics from Christina Heyniger is not connected with Viral Wave and has never worked with them. We have no personal relationships and reprint this for your enjoyment only because we find it interesting and useful.

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