Senior Travel: Holiday Suggestions

From the Arctic to Africa

As a senior who likes to travel, this can be one of the most important times of your life. It’s the right time to enjoy the world; to see nature – from the Arctic polar bears to Africa’s magnificent wildlife of elephants and lions.  It’s never too late for a Safari Adventure Tour, which is  now comfortable at any age. Some of the newer Safari Adventure Tours for seniors come with Sultan Tents for accommodation and comfort. They are very suitable for the older traveler.

The Caribbean:  Sunshine is a Treat at Any Age

The Caribbean, with its warm and sunny climate, cool nights and easy lifestyle is always an attractive destination for senior travelers.

It may be time to take a break and get away to the Caribbean’s most romantic islands. If you are fairly agile and like boating a bit, St. Lucia’s Marigot Beach Club is a delightful, tucked away retreat; but you need to get in and out of a small boat that ferries you across to a land locked part of the island. There are a few stairs but nothing too much for any reasonably mobile person. It’s one of my favorite places and a great holiday for seniors. While there you can enjoy watching the international sailing yachts and consider a sailing voyage far away to different cultures & lifestyles.

St. Lucia is a tropical vacation island with waterfalls, rainforests , a drive-in volcano and sulfur springs. It is also a World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO in recognition of the majestic Pitons. If you plan to drive around the island and hire a car, you might like a home style villa apartment to return to after your trekking adventures. Poinsettia Apartments for rent in St. Lucia is a good choice. It is central to all, near to the local island hopping airport which can take you to another island in less that an hour, and close to town. It is also just above the marina where you can step onto a catamaran for a day trip to the Pitons and Marigot Bay.

 Barbados is one of the more upscale markets and it has more to do per mile that any other island. The restaurants are simply wonderful with an international flare blended with a taste of the tropics. Here the Coral Reef Club, which also owns Sandpiper and Settlers Beach is a great choice for a luxury vacation that is also good value. It is noted for its Classic Caribbean Charm, with excellent attention to detail and very friendly and helpful staff.

Adventure Travel For Seniors May be Closer Than You Think

Even closer to home offers new things to explore. Visit a seaside fishing village in your own country or come to Nova Scotia and walk about the Halifax waterfront – the seaports and farmers markets with its multicultural, ethic cuisine.

Wine and food tours are also favorite ways to explore and learn and to sample the wines of the world’s newest and oldest vintage vineyards, and as a bonus, there is always great food and gourmet dining in wine regions; they just go together naturally. These tours are generally at your own pace and leisurely enough for most older travelers.

There are more adventure travel opportunities today than at any other time. Technology has made travel and communication easier and more affordable than it ever was. At this age of retirement, holidays should be joyful and comfortable. Adventure travel for those getting on in age does not have to be extreme or far away.

It can be as simple as a short walking tour along the seaside, a gourmet tour of a nearby city, visits to private and public gardens, a walk in the country, an escape to the wilderness or a walk in the woods.

You can plan your adventure with whatever level of activity and comfort you desire;  from luxury hotels to a country cottage, or a campsite if you prefer. And yes, camping has gotten a lot more comfortable.

Traveling Alone

If you are single and somewhat afraid of venturing out, remember that “butterflies” are just the normal excitement and anticipation of the unknown. They are common at any age, so don’t let being older get in your way.

Travel is a chance to learn about a new culture, people and place, and all that makes it special, strange and fascinating. It’s very rewarding as you get older to get insights and experience cultures and people who have such different lifestyles. We can all learn from each other and you will find that many older cultures value and respect the older traveler and their own elders with a natural love that sometimes is missing in our modern culture.

Senior Discounts

Remember that being older has many perks. There are senior rates on hotels, rail and all sorts of activities and travel options for seniors who like to travel.  >> Seniors Discount Travel  

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