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Music is always an adventure. Mostly it’s an adventure in your mind as you weave in and out of lyrics and music stanzas, with gentle staccato and mellow moments offset by passionate crescendos and a multitude of experiences.

Music – A Journey to Adventure

The musician, artist, composer, band, orchestra or DJ takes you on a journey that is an adventure of emotions. There’s nothing quite like great music to take you to new heights of understanding and expression. The stories and the poetry of music are often just as worth savouring as the sound.

music safari adventure Vacation Barbados

Mikey Lion returns for Vujaday 2019. A San Diego-native he has created a mystique as a key player in the Desert Hearts movement as a house and techno provocateur with an impressive stage presence. Lion has played on the stages of Lightning in a Bottle, Burning Man, and The Do LaB at Coachella, earning nods from Claude VonStroke, Jamie Jones, and Green Velvet in the process.

For years music events have taken place in exotic locations that add new dimensions to the experience. But now we have a new type of Music Safari Adventure with the Vujaday Festival in the Caribbean Island of Barbados. It’s a multi-featured music festival that runs for 5 days in different locations across the island: On the beach, in plantations, on the rugged cliffs along the raging Atlantic Coast and in island night clubs, dancing on the sand.

Barbados Music Safari – An Innovative Holiday Experience

The Vujaday Music Festival is an adventure in many ways, it is considered one of the most innovative holiday experiences anywhere.

The music is spontaneous and it is always different as it caters to to the mood of the place and the audience. About 50 world-renowned DJs, composers and artists from all over the world were present for the 2018 event. The theme is “House Music” and “techno”, but there are also lofty tunes and more passionate pieces like “Fever” by Italian sensation Francesca Lombardo.

Vujaday 5 Day Extravaganza

Lee Burridge vujaday safari returns in 2019

Lee Burridge DJ, producer, and record label owner, helped launch the underground club scene in Hong Kong during the early 1990s. In 2011, he launched daytime events and a record label titled, ‘All Day I Dream’ moving towards the melodic, melancholic sounds of house and techno.

In 2019 Vujaday returns to Barbados for a 5 day extravaganza from April 3 to 7. The full line-up of places and performers is being finalised now and already there are artists from the UK, Canada, USA, Spain, Sweden and Germany.  Returning again for another Barbados music safari are Lee Burridge, Mikey Lion and Lee Reynolds. In all there were about 50 artists preforming last year and the full roster will have many new names.

LeeReynolds Returns to Barbados Music Safari Adventure 2019

UK born Lee Reynolds migrated to Los Angeles. in 1988. He soon joined Desert Hearts and the hysteria he now conjures with every performance. With an endlessly wide palate, penchant for mysticism, he believes that that a dance party should be a spiritual experience.


The entire event is a happening vacation. 5 days in the Caribbean on the edge of winter is always a popular holiday. Now it’s combined with a unique musical adventure that criss-crosses the island of Barbados:  Music playing to the waves.

Video – Returning Artist & 2018 Review

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Breaking News – 7 New Artists Added To vujaday 2019

Vujaday 2019 is now bring a total of 25 Artist and composers to Barbados for what is considered to be the top Caribbean Music festival in 2019. The new artists bring a decidedly mystic presence. They include Damian Lazarus looking like a groovy preacher his music is riveting and meaningful. Back from 2018 is Papa Lu and Pony. The other new artist are Amhim from Germany, Danny Tenaglia, Gaby Endo and Roger Silver. See samples of these top DJs in the video by RealholidaysTV below.

Don’t miss it – April 3 to 7 – A Musical Safari in Barbados!