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Adventure in Comfort

If your idea of an ideal vacation involves a long hike in an African jungle followed by some great wine and a plush bed to sleep in at night, luxury adventure travel tours are for you. You can choose from several different options. Many tour providers also allow you to customize your itinerary. While a lion adventure may involve a walk and drive through some exotic private reserves across South Africa, a bicycling and hiking tour may involve travel through African deserts or the South American Amazon valley. Vacations within the United States may include kayaking in Alaska or biking in the Yellowstone National Park. A natural or geographic vacation may involve a stay in a five star hotel in Nepal or Antarctica. You may get an opportunity to interact with archaeologists and geologists working in the region. It is an opportunity to make your own science video.

Wake up to the Pitons viewed from Ladera St. Lucia

Pitons view from Ladera St. Lucia

Luxury by Design

As with any vacation, your options are unlimited. The type of luxury adventure holiday you choose ultimately depends on your personal preferences. There are great packages for individuals and groups of all ages and sizes.

In the old days adventure vacations were rugged exploration, hiking, climbing, rafting, and exploring.  Today we have 4×4 jeeps with air-conditioning and comfortable transport and accommodation nearly everywhere you care to go.

Now you can stay in comfort and holiday in luxury while climbing the Pitons or a volcano in the Caribbean. You can lounge in an infinity pool overlooking volcanic plugs that jut 2000 feet right out of the sea. Your adventure, however extreme, can be tempered with a luxurious spa, gourmet food and great wine.

Luxury on a Budget

Luxury can be expensive and it usually is. A stay at Jade Mountain will cost you over a thousand US dollars per night. Next door is Ladera, with what some consider a better view for less. But luxury holidays don’t have to cost a fortune. Even very wealthy travelers are cutting back. Many are looking to combine luxury holidays with a stay in comfortable villas. “Why spend a fortune to sleep?” they say, “You don’t adventure with your eyes closed and your mind shut off.” The budget minded will look to stay in opulence for a shorter time or just visit these places for the tour, dinner, lunch and cocktails on the beach, while staying in a villa or upmarket apartment townhouse,  just a few miles away. Saving on lodgings can  be  well over 50%, leaving lots for tours, trips and gourmet dinning.  See more on this at

Excitement of Extremes

Adventure can be the excitement of extremes;  a rugged trekking holiday with indulgent comfort by night, a cozy cottage after a climb to the top of the volcano or an African safari with a sultans tent at the end of a day in the wild. A stay in a jungle hut, interrupted by a night in Hotel Chocolat, makes both all the more special. Mix up your holiday experience to appreciate it all the more. You just might find that slumming can be fun.

Booking options

Many travelers and tourists tend to plan and book their own accommodations and tour packages. While this may sound exciting, it may involve some uncertainty, especially in a foreign land. When you book your package with a tour operator or adventure company, they take care of everything from the moment you arrive at the airport until you leave the destination again. You do not have to worry about the new language or culture. You will also have someone from the tour company to address your concerns during your adventure tour travel. It can take out all the stress from your vacation and we recommend the very best like GAdventure and the Independent Traveler.  You can focus completely on exploring the new land securely. Your tour provider will also alert you to the latest travel advisories and help you prepare and pack accordingly.

Be sure to talk to your tour provider and make sure both of you are on the same page. It is important to discuss all the terms, conditions, and payments ahead of time. Read online blogs and reviews, and watch videos posted by other travelers to understand what exactly happens during the vacation. This will save you surprises later during your adventure travel.

On (ATD) you will also find many opportunities to book directly with hotels and options we suggest. For trips to the Caribbean, we offer many direct booking options as we find the hotel managers there are good at connecting travelers to activities. Some, like Poinsettia Villas in St. Lucia, go out of their way to negotiate special rates on holiday activities – for more click here 

ATD offers several packages for tourists with different interests and preferences, such as trekking through Kenyan game reserves and river surfing in the Amazon. All our packages are reasonably priced, and include breakfast and lunch as well. You will travel in a seven-seat safari vehicle, and will be accompanied by a certified guide and a chief experience officer throughout your travel. Our groups are small and average about  10 people. It is often a great way to enjoy a great vacation and make some lifelong friends.  See tours at