Bar Hopping in Barbados

The Caribbean island of Barbados is known as the ‘birthplace of rum’ so little surprise that its 166 sq. miles is dotted with lots of local bars (known as rum shops). These local drinking spots are complemented by elegant bars, many with seaside views that are the perfect settings for sunset cocktails.

TML One Love Bar in Holetown, Barbados

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The two hottest spots on the island are St. Lawrence Gap on the south coast, and Holetown on the west coast. Here you’ll find intriguing blends of casual bars and trendy clubs. But there are many hidden gems across the island, and these are the best spots to mingle with the locals and discover what island life is really like.

Barbados serves up rum in many forms, with the most popular drink being a traditional Bajan Rum Punch featuring local dark rum, lime juice, bitters and nutmeg. Creative bartenders and mixologists put their unique spin on the rum punch and also incorporate dark, white and spiced rums into impressive cocktails that pack a punch! Traditional cocktails like mojitos, margaritas and martinis are always available.  And, as is the case across the globe, Barbados bartenders always seem to have the best stories to tell, jokes to share, and advice to bestow!

Along with the fabulous rums that are produced at distilleries across the island, Barbados also has a proud and internationally recognized brewing industry. Banks Breweries produces the much loved Banks Beer along with other local favourites such as Deputy (a Pilsner Lager). The brewery is open for tours throughout the week.

Yes, this alcohol-soaked island is a bar-hopping tropical paradise. Hope you can make a visit soon.

Happy Hours sign on the beach