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In this movie we look at one of the worlds most picturesque sittings, the UNESCO world heritage site of the pitons in soufriere, St. Lucia. The scenery is breathtaking and the hotels in this area are amongst the worlds most luxurious. But you don’t have to spend your holiday budget on accommodation. The movie suggests staying at apartments for rent in other parts of the island, renting a car and exploring in style.  Plan your vacation to stay in a self catering villa or apartment that is central to island dining, tours and attractions as well as the most expensive resorts that you can visit and tour. Poinsettia Villa apartments in St. Lucia (Vigie Bay, Castries) created the video for their guests who enjoy good value in lodging and who like to getaway to adventure by day. Its a good spot from which to explore and have a great place to come home to.

island hideaway

Island Hideaway

Do You Need a Break Today

Are you tired of your hectic schedule? Do you long for a relaxing vacation in a secluded place? If yes, then we have something very special planned for you. Our travel journalists bring you different locations across the globe  for your adventure getaways. The places that qualify for our packages have to meet the twin conditions of adventure and getaway travel. Once we short-list the locations, we contact our travel partners, tour operators, local hotels, restaurants, resorts and guides to bring you the best vacation options for a meaningful holiday escape, where you can enjoy downtime, have a valuable  encounter with nature  and experience a different culture and ambiance.

Our Pick of Top Getaway Destinations- Caribbean

Before you book your next getaway adventure travel with us, explore our website for more information about the various packages we offer. One of our popular destinations includes sailing around the secluded and beautiful island of Bequia in The Grenadines, Saint Vincent. You can stay in an exotic beach resort and enjoy exploring the island via pleasant walks anytime of the day. In St. Vincent, we love Young Island Resort for a true escape. A little harder to get to and part of the adventure is Bequia. Here we love Gingerbread Cottages.

In St. Lucia you have great luxury in places like Ladera and Jade Mountain. These are expensive resorts for the wealthy and famous.  A night can cost you over 1,000 $ US, on par with Sandy Lane Hotel; one of the world’s most exclusive hotels. They are right beside the Pitons, those majestic pillars of mountains in Soufrière, in the south west of the island, close to the drive in volcano. There are several other boutique hotels and luxury resorts here, including Jalousie, Hotel Chocolat and Mago. All are top price,  but they are open to visitors and stopping in for lunch is worth the trip. All are nestled around the Pitons and the view is spectacular. You can stay at many of the island’s apartment villas, like Poinsettia Apartments in Castries, and hire a car to visit every day if you like. There are also affordable escapes on a headland in the famous Marigot Bay, such as Marigot Beach Club, which you can only get to by boat; that too is part of the thrill.

Crane Beach Barbados

Crane Beach Barbados

Still in the Caribbean we love Barbados. It has secluded places for every pocket. Atlantis Hotel or Sea U on the east cost are great escapes. Sea U is quieter and private while Atlantis is an upscale full service hotel that has excellent dining that is very popular with visitors and locals all over the island. Tops in luxury we recommend Coral Reef Club on the west coast for its classic Caribbean charm in a timeless elegance and attention to detail, with a very friendly staff. The Crane on the south coast is another favorite. It sits on a cliff overlooking one of the world’s top beaches.

A Change of Pace Can Change a Life

Of course, getaways are not restricted to the Caribbean. You can travel to Asia, the Greek Islands and small villages in Spain to be far away from the crowds. Getaways do not have to be overseas and the perfect weekend escape might be just around the corner. A getaway needs to be different, close to nature and away from the culture and the environment that is sapping your energy; even if it is just for a while. We find cultural hideaways in some of the most unsuspected places. Camping on a lake is a welcomed diversion from a busy working life, but it’s not for everyone. A cottage in the hills, on a beach or  in the mountains is a fun and restorative place to escape to and clear one’s head and soul of the noise and stress of busy living. No matter if you live in a city, on a farm or in a tiny village, there are times you just need to get away from it all and get a change of pace. Perhaps your need  is not to escape to nature but to immerse yourself in the thrill and energy of a bustling city.  If so, check out and Party Adventures pages on this site.

Things to Consider Before you Travel

As with any vacation, you should consider several factors before booking a getaway vacation. Make sure your next adventure  includes locations and activities that you enjoy. If you are travelling with family or friends, make sure the package is appropriate for everyone. You should also inform the tour providers if you have any dietary restrictions or special requirements. This will give the organizers time to prepare for your arrival. They can also give you the list of essentials that you need to pack before leaving for your vacation.

You can also check various blogs, reviews and videos to get more information about your travel destination. You can consult your tour providers about travel documents as well as health advisories in the region. This will help you save a lot of stress during your travel.

The ultimate purpose of getaway adventure tour travels is to relax and enjoy your break from an otherwise hectic schedule. It is also a time to bond with your loved ones away from emails and cell phones. A little planning can go a long way in making the trip a memorable one. Booking a package with our adventure tour operators  can also help you avoid stress during your vacation. Apart from helping you pack and plan your  vacation, our team also offers the services of tour guides and managers to address your concerns during the stay. At, we want to make this the most memorable adventure getaway of your life.