Adventure Travel Destinations- Americas

People seeking adventure while traveling will find Canada as the perfect place for action. Canada’s geographic location offers a wide variety of choices for every type of adventure. The snow during winter offers a venue for skiing, snow boarding and snow trekking. It is a place of great lakes and thousands of smaller lakes and rivers which are perfect for recreational fishing, kayaking, canoeing, para-sailing and wake-boarding. Canada’s rich wildlife is suitable for nature tripping while its long and rugged mountain ranges are perfect for trekking, bungee jumping, zip-lining, all terrain tours and even gondola rides.

Highlights of the Eastern US & Canada Highlights of the Eastern US & Canada

This grand tour of the eastern US and Canada is a sensory overload of everything that makes North America greatskyscrapers, monuments, Niagara Falls, ice cream, canoeing, poutine, subways, whales, sunshine, designer boutiques, nature hikes. On this adventure, well ditch the big, clunky buses and pile small groups into private vans, clocking miles of smiles all over New York, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Vermont and all points in between. Your friends are already jealous.

South America also offers irresistible venues for those who are interested in wildlife adventure. Discovering the thrills in the Patagonia region across Argentina offers a sight that keeps the visitors from wanting to leave. If you are interested in history, you can learn about the Incas, once a glorious civilization whose relics are atop Andes mountains. You can find them by including Peru in your destination list. Amaze and thrill yourself to the richness of wildlife in the great rivers of Amazon by experiencing the adrenaline rush whenever you see huge anacondas and fatally poisonous snakes.

Another place known as the haven for adventure seekers is Africa. Its wildlife forest and the desert is a perfect place for those who love exciting encounters. The Sahara travel adventure is a perfect alternative if you are not fond of the snow. Here you can enjoy African wildlife with elephant and gorilla trekking excursions in the north and southern part of the desert. What more could be exciting than sleeping in a tent together with the untamed creatures of the wilds?

Moving in the east region, you can find the irresistible beaches of Hawaii, the Boracay Island in the Philippines, Bali in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand and a lot more of perfect places for water travel adventure. The great waves of Hawaii are just what the surfers would love to see. Appreciate the diversity of the seas in Bali with deep water diving and snorkeling. Who has not heard of Boracay Island in the Philippines? Its pearly white sand has lured millions of tourist from all over the world. An enough invitation for you to come as well. Whenever you choose to go for an adventure in the pacific you can always expect a wide range of thrill and fun from sailing, diving, underground water adventure and keep in mind that a lot of things are yet to be discovered.

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