Wine Tours

Wine tours are for everyone. They are particular suited to wine enthusiasts but fascinating too for all people who love to travel. Its an oopportunity to vist wonderful countryside with a purpose. Enjoy fine food and sightseeing while you learn something about the age old traditions of making wine. We recommend wine tours for elders as its a great adventure that is not at all taxing.

The Taste of Tuscany The Taste of TuscanyFrom the masterpieces and museums of Florence to local market stalls bursting with delicious regional meats, cheeses and produce, indulge in the riches of Tuscany. Spend eight days wandering through romantic medieval towns and exploring the Gothic architecture of Siena. Sample the legendary wines of Chianti and seek a unique perspective while gazing at Pisa’s iconic tower. With comfortable hotels and an expert CEO to take the hassle out of travel, you’ll be relaxed, rested and ready to explore all that Tuscany has to offer.

Gourmet Adventures

Gourmet Adventures in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is not only a beautiful and romantic island, it is one of the Caribbean’s most tropical landscapes, with lots of adventures to explore. Less known is the fine dining at places like The Coal Pot Restaurant, a classic French Caribbean gourmet restaurant right on the water’s edge. It is located in Vigie Bay, ...

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market: Cultural & Food

A Market Right In The Port!
There are not that many of them and it’s a great opportunity here in Halifax to visit the waterfront and ┬ámeet Theodore Tugboat, famous for his own TV show, now retired on the seafront town of Halifax. It’s a special treat to visit this market where you can taste fresh ...

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