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Renting a car is the most popular way to create your own personal U-drive Adventure Travel Tour and Holiday. In some destinations you may want to rent an elephant,  a camel, a pony or a horse.  You can rent a motorbike and a bike now in most destinations or of course have your own chauffeur-driven tour in the car of your choice.

You need to be sure that you know where you are going and what areas are safe and unsafe as adventure destinations are some times out of the way and in exotic and extreme locations. This does not have to be so. We show many destinations that are safe, fun and with many options for your getaway or adventure holidays.

Barbados, the one island in the Caribbean that has more things to do than any other, is a perfect place for a getaway, an exotic holiday a luxury vacation or an adventure. It is on UNESCO’s  World heritage list,  because of a rich  history dating back to the adventures of Christopher Columbus and before him the Indigenous people of the South American people, the Arawak  and the Kalinago: People who were by all counts great adventurers long before the Europeans stormed the Caribbean and the new world in the “Age of Discovery”.

Barbados is a Caribbean escape that is soft on adventure. There are arial treks, hikes, kite-surfing, world class surfing, off road safaris, submarine excursions, scuba diving, dep sea fishing and all sort of sailing cruises from party sailing  to luxury sunset sails among the coral coasts.

To explore the island on your own there is no better way than renting a car and a good place to start is Courtesy Rent A Car.


Aerial Trek - Barbados - Tree Top Adventure

Aerial Trek - Barbados - Tree Top Adventure

The company goes out of its away to arrange your car and enhance your adventure by contracting with activities on your behalf.  They often have special packages that include free access to outings like the tree top zip line adventure and a visit to the Concorde experience which simulates and actual flight on the Concorde .. Just ask them to put together a tour for you.  

Car Rental Package Video

Courtesy Rent A Car  Website - Click Here >>>

Courtesy Rent A Car  Website - Click Here >>>

Courtesy Adds Adventure Activities To Your Holiday – U-drive Adventure Travel Tours and Vacations


Courtesy U Drive Adventure Free Pass to the Concord experience

Courtesy U Drive Adventure Free Pass to the Concord experience


The Anglo-French supersonic Concorde Flight was run successfully to Barbados for many years. On its retirement the British and Barbados Governments agreed to build a museum to showcase its  success in Barbados. This is now a private business, where residents and visitors relive the experience. This is now one of the options offered when you rent a Car with courtesy.


Courtesy Rent A Car  Website - Click Here >>>






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Adventure Travel Tours – Car Rental Tips

Ask your rental company how old the cars are. Some companies recycle the cars every 4 years, some will keep a car for longer. A newer car is generally more reliable but it also depends on what cars they use and who uses them; where they drive and how ...



Courtesy Rent A Car  Website - Click Here >>>






Other Outdoor World Heritage Adventure Destinations

Another one of our favorite areas for soft and safe adventure travel holidays for all ages and all levels of adventure is Canada. Check out our Polar Bear Tours. For something more laid back is Nova Scotia, again a World Heritage site that offers Adventures from whale watching which you can do from a fishing boat, a kayak or a zodiac. See http://adventure-travel-destinations.com/nova-scotia-outdoors/

Hervey Bay. World Heritage Tourism Nature

I just like this so added it. Hope it works for you.
Fraser Coast, Queensland has some most unique attractions and lets you get up and personal with wildlife and especially the very big fish called whales. Hervey Bay is a UNESCO Heritage site we may ad this to our World Heritage Tourism magazine!


Barbados Heritage - bridgetwn, Mutual Building

World Heritage Tours

Heritage Travel & Tour – Adventures in Understanding  Cultural Roots

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UNESCO World Heritage Travel: Barbados

If you are seeking cultural adventure travel tours, why not checkout the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We have several World Heritage destinations included in our Adventure travel tours. See Barbados U-drive Adventure Travel Tour Packages >>>

Nova Scotia is another world heritage destination we recomend for soft adventure:  See Nova Scotia outdoors – the Nova Scotia ...

Caribbean Carnival – A Barbados Adventure

Caribbean Carnival is always an adventure. The Food is an adventure of taste and cuisine with Cou-Cou, salt fish, pig tails, BBQ, Jamaica paties, pasties, peas and rice and plantain and coconuts. Then there are the bands in wild costumes and features. They parade down the mains streets with disco pumping their team songs as ...

Nova Scotia Outdoors

Enjoy the largest tides in the world, tidal bore rafting, whale watching, sailing, canoeing and camping on your own island in Kejimkujik National Park. Portage rivers and paddle through unspoilt wilderness. Sleep on the edge of the forest with wolves, loon and animals to serenade you while you sleep. If you like camping it just ...

St. Lucia Family Adventures

Marigot Beach Club is the prefect place for a family adventure holiday.  the St Lucia Pitons was  was designated a world heritage site  http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1161

Dominica Lifestyles

Watch more Dominica Lifestyles videos – Dominica is different – its an alternative lifestyle in a unique natural setting, with rivers and mountains and exceptional people. Nature is why dominca was award UNESCO World Heritage Recognition – Domincas Morne Trois Pitons National Park is  a world heritage site: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/814

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