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Adventures Travel Tours for Seniors

Everyone can enjoy treks and tours of all types; wildlife, African safaris, hiking polar adventures, and cultural journeys throughout Asia, South America and the world. As a senior you can select any of our tours and just check the activity and comfort level. Many of our “G” Tours are suitable for the over 50, but some are more sparse and active than others.

We are adding more about local tours; things closer to home are often full and rich adventure and learning experiences that may have been overlooked in a busy life. A trip to Canada’s East Coast, for example, to enjoy its scenery, lifestyles, cajan and celtic based music and sample its culinary delights from seafood to wine and gourmet dining, can be very rewarding.

In these pages we will list tours that are more comfortable and less strenuous. Wine and food gourmet tours are a popular way to start. Food and Wine food gourmet tours are a popular way to start. But there are many more adventures that are suitable for elders. There are many tour operators that specialize in elder trekking and elder travel. With seniors living actively and with a ken interest to explore and learn about cultures, heritage, nature and wildlife will into their later years, we find more and more operators are catering to their needs.

Ageless Adventures

Sixties is the new forties. It is a phase of life when you have more time for yourself. Children have moved on and the work schedule eases out a bit. Many of us have retired. It is, therefore, a time to explore new avenues and do things that we have always wanted to do. Go for an exotic hike, check out some beautiful locales, visit some great museums, eat some unique food, and just have the time of your life! There are hundreds more opportunities today than in the past. Technology has made travel and communication easier. Adventure travel tours are safer than ever before.

Solo Senior Adventures

More and More Seniors are single and those who are without a partner may feel that an adventure travel tour is not for them. This is unfortunate, because it may be exactly what the Doctor ordered. Its a great time to mingle with other people of all ages and share an interest in nature, culture, food and heritage. At times it takes courage to reach out, make the effort and just do it, but the rewards can be enormous, especially if you are apprehensive and reluctant to make the effort, just doing it will reap great rewards.

So if you have a case of the “butterflies”, it is normal. It is just excitement and anticipation knowing that you are about to step out and step up to the adventure of living and learning. It’s a chance to learn about a new culture, people and place and all that makes it special, strange and fascinating, and to share it with others just like you.

Seniors Special Rates on Travel

Many travel companies, hotels and tourism operators offer discounts for travelers over 60. For example you can get 15% discount on British Rail Passes and there are selected discounts on Euro Rail Passes. The Hyatt offers up to 50% off for travelers over 62 on specific dates. Our packages will naturally pass on the Discounts. If you are an independent traveler you may also check out these sites >>Senoirs Discount Travel >>

Nova Scotia Vinyards

Nova Scotia Vineyards


Keep watching – We will be adding more tours to Nova Scotia shortly – Like their  outdoors adventures and the Halifax Seaport Market– a multicultural culinary delight.

This is a wonderful adventure destination that is scenic, friendly and unique. The wineries are different and the landscapes are divine.

We invite you to browse through our website and check back as we are adding tours regularly.



Senior Travel: Holiday Suggestions

From the Arctic to Africa
As a senior who likes to travel, this can be one of the most important times of your life. It’s the right time to enjoy the world; to see nature – from the Arctic polar bears to Africa’s magnificent wildlife of elephants and lions.  It’s never too late for a Safari Adventure Tour, which is  now comfortable ...

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market: Cultural & Food

A Market Right In The Port!
There are not that many of them and it’s a great opportunity here in Halifax to visit the waterfront and  meet Theodore Tugboat, famous for his own TV show, now retired on the seafront town of Halifax. It’s a special treat to visit this market where you can taste fresh ...

seniors adventure travel tours

Adventure Travel Tours – Seniors

Adventure Primer
This page is a primer for those seniors who are contemplating an adventure tour or just wondering what it is all about. Our definition of adventure is that if you think it is an adventure it is.
We are most interested in cultural and nature adventure coupled with whatever level of activity and comfort you ...

Adventure Travel Tours & Destinations

Most of the images are of Dominica. see This video gives an overview of the nature side of adventure travel with some activities interspersed. We will cover the 3 aspects of adventure travel separately; activity, culture and nature.
In upcoming video we will cover specific tours and specific destinations as well as hotels and ...

Nova Scotia Outdoors

Enjoy the largest tides in the world, tidal bore rafting, whale watching, sailing, canoeing and camping on your own island in Kejimkujik National Park. Portage rivers and paddle through unspoilt wilderness. Sleep on the edge of the forest with wolves, loon and animals to serenade you while you sleep. If you like camping it just ...

Wine tours in Tuscany

Wine Tours

Wine tours are for everyone. They are particular suited to wine enthusiasts but fascinating too for all people who love to travel. Its an oopportunity to vist wonderful countryside with a purpose. Enjoy fine food and sightseeing while you learn something about the age old traditions of making wine. We recommend wine tours for elders ...

Bolivia Cultural Adventures

The oldest ancient civilization in South America – a land of breathtaking Scenery, wildlife and historic culture.

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